Tax-efficient investments for Americans abroad

Tax-efficient investments for Americans abroad

Investments for US Expats

There aren’t many available investments for US expats. The second you move abroad, your bank might cancel your account, or your IRA might be frozen, or your online stocks could be liquidated, or your insurance policy might cease, or, in many cases, all of the above! It may feel that you’ve committed some kind of high-profile financial crime and you’re a fugitive on the run from FinCEN with so many punishments. But in reality, the only crime you committed was “moving abroad.”

Unfortunately, this is what many honest Americans living abroad have to face.

If you’re guilty as charged and are living outside of the USA, then you’re probably already well aware of the struggle US expat life can have on your finances. You’re not alone. In fact, all of these hardships is what’s driving a spike in US citizenship renunciations. In 2015, more than 4,000 individuals relinquished US citizenship (a record number) and 2016 is already on track to topple that figure. Many also suspect that the number of renunciants is a lot higher than what the government releases. It could be much, much more than what’s reported, especially when you take into account renunciations of green card holders.

There aren’t many available investments for US expats

RUSCO’s mission is to provide information for Americans (specifically Americans living abroad) renouncing or considering renouncing US citizenship from FATCA-based financial difficulties. Our ultimate goal is to show that there are financial solutions available for US citizens overseas. You can continue living happily abroad with tax-efficient investments without having to give up your US passport or invest in nasty PFICs. (However, if you personally feel that relinquishing US citizenship is the best option for you, then by all means we respect your right and have provided other solutions for your new life to consider.)

Even though investments for US expats are severely limited, there are enough that could greatly benefit you and get your financial plan back on track. To see how you can get your money moving again, get in touch for a free consultation. We’d be more than happy to help.

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