Financial planning fundamentals

Financial planning fundamentals

US Expat Investments Introduction

Tax-efficient, US expat investments are difficult in today’s age of FATCA. With frozen assets, IRAs and bank accounts, along with PFICs and other toxic investment options, you may be wondering what to do?

For Americans overseas who can’t open local bank accounts, where will you store your money? If you’re renouncing your US citizenship, what will you do about your retirement funds? For couples and those with children living abroad, will your life and health insurance policies roll over? What will you do if you move to a new country and your investment/retirement accounts become frozen? Should you invest in foreign funds and risk being invested in a PFIC? As you can see, US expat investments have certainly become a tricky subject every since the introduction of FATCA.

Many US-based financial institutions will freeze your assets when you move abroad

Some of these questions can cause a lot of stress for American, ex-Americans, green card holders and accidental Americans living in a foreign country, and rightfully so. Taking care of your personal finance is hard enough in your home country, and even harder abroad when you get a letter saying “you have 60 days to liquidate your entire portfolio” or “your IRA is frozen and you are not allowed to make further contributions” just because you don’t live in the USA anymore.

Fortunately, there are safe and efficient options for US expat investments. In the Finance section we will cover topics pertaining to: Offshore Banking,  Offshore Investments, Investments for US Expats, US Expat Life Insurance, US Expat Health Insurance, and Frozen IRAs and Pensions.

Expats have a wealth of investment products at their disposal

Whether you just plan on living abroad for a few years or are renouncing US citizenship and never plan on returning to the States again,  you have a wealth of investment products at your disposal. But please remember that every individual’s life is different – one shoe doesn’t fit all. To get an idea of what’s available to you, contact us for a free consultation.

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