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RUSCO founder, Trey Archer, is a Premier Advisor and contributor for the financial media company, Investopedia. Here are some of his published articles on Investopedia related to the Renouncing US Citizenship Organization (RUSCO):

  1. How to Invest While Living Abroad as an Expatriate
  2. Why Are So Many Renouncing U.S. Citizenship?
  3. Life Insurance Challenges for U.S. Expatriates
  4. Frozen IRAs and Pensions Trouble for Americans Abroad
  5. When Offshore Banking Makes Sense for U.S. Expats
  6. What U.S. Expats Should Know about FBAR
  7. Why Expatriates Need Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
  8. What U.S. Expats Should Know about Regular Savings Plans
  9. Maternity Insurance Tips for U.S. Expats
  10. A Debt Free Life: Be Like Buffet, Don’t Lose Money
  11. The Role Global Property Plays in Diversification
  12. Retire at 45 with $500k: Is It Possible?

Here is a list of social media sites and other related websites to the Renouncing US Citizenship Organization (RUSCO):

US Department of State – The official site on citizenship renunciation.

Renunciation Guide – Although this site ceased operations in 2013, it still has good info about renouncing US citizenship.

The Isaac Brock Society – Here is a good resource against the treatment of Americans residing in Canada.

American Citizens Abroad – A non-profit organization for US nationals abroad and advocacy against US citizenship taxation.

Internal Revenue Service – An updated site from the IRS regarding taxation for US nationals overseas.

Facebook – There are two good Facebook groups related to citizenship based tax and Americans living abroad. Check out American Expatriates and Citizenship Taxation to connect with others.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) – Here is a good source concerning Social Security benefits, and how they are distributed to non-US residents. Remember, renunciation itself has no impact upon Social Security. It is rather the country in which one lives, or the amount of time they lived outside of US borders, which may have an impact, regardless of citizenship. (For example, if one worked 20 years in the US and then 20 years abroad, their Social Security will be cut in half with the WEP Provision.)

Hodgen Law – In this article, they do a great job of explaining what happens to IRAs and other US retirement provisions after renunciation.

Quarterly Publication of Individuals Who Have Chosen to Expatriate – For updated data concerning those who have relinquished citizenship.

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