Blogs and news from around the world

Blogs and news from around the world


A Debt Free Life: Be Like Buffet, Don’t Lose Money

Warren Buffet, perhaps the greatest investor of all time, is definitely someone we all look up to in regards to wealth management. That being said, we should try to follow one of his most famous sayings: “The first rule of investing is don’t lose money.... read more

Is it Possible to Retire with $500,000?

Is it possible to retire with $500,000 and live happily ever after? Of course it is! RUSCO founder Trey Archer was quoted in this recent Investopedia article about retiring at age 45 with $500k in the bank, saying: If you take out $20,000 per year, it’s enough to... read more

WSJ Warns Americans Abroad to be Very Afraid

The Wall Street Journal has published an article warning Americans abroad to be very afraid. They are not talking about terrorism, or natural disasters, or climate change. On the contrary, there’s another phenomenon out there causing Americans abroad to be very afraid... read more

Why Expatriates Need Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

There’s definitely an argument for why expatriates need kidnap and ransom insurance. We live in an ever volatile world where violence and unpredictability is the norm, and kidnappings are becoming more prevent each and every day. Even places like the US,... read more

What U.S. Expats Should Know About Regular Savings Plans

Regular savings plans (RSP) are very common investments for expats of all nationalities. They are usually investment products from offshore life insurance companies (giving you a vehicle to invest and grow your money with life insurance), have fixed premiums and... read more

A World Without FATCA

Imagine a world without FATCA. For some, mainly homelanders (US citizens living in the US), life wouldn’t change that much. For the 9 million American expats living abroad, it’d be a dream come true. For the US government, well, no one knows. Let’s us try to picture a... read more
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